Survivalism: More important than you know

The survivalism is not something that most people know or think really. It is simply a movement of a group of people or a few people who actively prepared for an emergency. People who Survivalism practice to prepare for natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.), disasters made by humans (chemical accidents, nuclear explosions, etc.), social disasters (riots due to lack of resources Available) compressed) and global pandemics.
Survivalism movement emerged in Great Britain during the Cold War, when the threat of nuclear war threatened the very fabric of British life. This movement has gained popularity over the past few years and has fallen, shows with peaks around the global or national emergency. The most recent event that caused a spike in the disaster movement Survivalism is confronted by America on September 11, 2011.
Although the heart of survivalism still alive, that the basic concept that has changed radically from its original meaning. Survivors now choose both physically and mentally placed in different environments in question. Testing their ability to survive in nature, that many non-inches, these people are often in perfect physical condition; whether as a result of or under preparation in these challenging conditions to survive, survive.
Survivalism is at the heart of preparation and will be formed of survival to prepare for the difficult conditions of the desert and urban survival. This means that the ability of wild nature and survive a crisis in a city like war or nuclear food shortages, to survive
The survival kit include:
– Water Purifier
– Fire Lighter
– Clothing
– Food
– Health packs
– Traffic signs
– A high quality survival knife
Yet, some skillful survivors limit these items only to a fire starter and a knife. Those with more experience will go through without a single bit of help. These methods are not suitable for beginners and certainly are not for those who are not basic survival training in some reliable way (scouts, etc.) had. It is always best to start where you are comfortable and have an emergency contact when you go into the desert by themselves.
Survivalism is a useful and beneficial movement, no matter how you look. On the one hand, be prepared in many different types of emergencies and disasters and on the other hand to get with the only ones to count to survive in the desert. One thing is clear, either a survivalist is always best to keep your mind and body in good condition, and always prepared for the worst.