ISIS Targeting The  Power Grid Next?

Dear Friends, 

The FBI has been warning Americans that ISIS is going to target the power grid next. With Jihad now in this country and in the news almost every day many Americans are now taking action against the terrorist threat to our power grid. 

One way is to… 

Generate Your Own Supply Of Free Electrical Power!

Solar powered generators are now available. Solar Generators provide “life-saving” electrical power when you need it most.

And, unlike gas generators, a solar generator:
* runs silently, 
* emits no fumes,
* and produces an endless supply of electricity for free. 

It’s like having an electric power plant running quietly in your own home.

Run sump pumps, short-wave radios, computers, and even keep food from spoiling. (Lots and lots of applications for self-reliance.)

Whether it’s hurricanes, ice storms, brownouts or blackouts, when you own a Solar Generator you’ll never have to suffer through painful power outages again. But it’s not just ISIS… 

Our Own Government Policies May Actually Be the Biggest Threat To The Power Grid

It’s true. Why else would some of our governments Energy policies look so out-dated and a bit ignorant, plus some laws and policies of our government now and before, either Democrat or Republican it doesn’t matter, when Lobbyists in Congress mix together,($)it looks like they are knowing or unknowingly, working feverishly to destroy the power grid as we know it. For one thing, government policies are literally trying to shut the coal industry down which will send electricity prices skyrocketing. These Utilities can install Flue Gas Absorbers,on Coal or other Fossil Flue Electric Power Plants, but they don’t. Here’s why. If they get fined for pollution the current laws make paying the fines much cheaper to pay than the cost of installing Flue Gas Absorbers. Money, Money, Money. Lobbyist, Lobbyist, lobbyist.

The coal industry generates a HUGE chunk of our electricity and the current insane new initiatives are already forcing rates higher than any time in history.

Even Worse: He’s also ignoring the dangers of an “EMP” (Electro Magnetic Pulse) event and in addition, is doing nothing to protect the power grid from a terrorist attack (perhaps because of political correctness?)! 

That’s why as many Americans as possible should be able to produce their own electricity. You see, eventually our President’s or Congress’s questionable policies and lack of hardening and updating the power grid against terrorism will cause a dangerous national grid failure sooner or later. 

Your Chance To Prepare For The Obama Blackouts!

That’s why this site loves to encourage like-minded Americans to also have a back-up, off-the-grid electric generating system that can also produce their own electrical power, if our current electrical grid collapses and we get giant black-outs or worse.

That’s the motivation for this blog. I hate the thought of Americans being dependent on only one source that we have no control of, especially when it comes to energy.

The fact is, producing your own free electricity from the sun with a solar generator is a great way to be much more independent. Wind power also, but for wind, you have to be in the right location of a wind swept area, like coastal areas. If that is too expensive then have a gas powered portable back-up generator at home with 2 power strips to connect to the generators 2 receptacles, but even that can’t cover your whole homes needs, but it is the least expensive and you can be creative with it and the power strips, giving priority to your refrigerator and certain appliances. Remember it is noisy and that gas generator “must be exhausted out of the house for safety”. If you don’t exhaust that gas generator out of your house and the exhaust stays in your house, you can die from that exhaust, so be careful. It is to bad the petroleum companies are playing with money to keep solar power and wind power electrical generation, out of the financial reach of most Americans. How “Patriotic” is “Big Oil”, even now when the price of a barrel of oil has come down 50% about 5 years ago. Also did your car’s gas price drop precipitously in the last few years when the price of oil dropped? No way. It once was approx. $100 a barrel just a few years back. Last time I looked in the financial news, a barrel of oil was $49 a barrel. Something to think about.

P.S. Vincent:
EMP ( ElectroMagneticPulse )Google it. It is another great thing to “Blog” about, and the things that cause it and how it, “EMP” can totally shut down our nations or any nations, Electric Power Grid from it. It is a rare natural accurance, but it can also be made in a area of land where a Atomic Nuclear Bomb explodes high up in the air as well. Also something else unhappy to think about. “EMP” .
It is a meaty thing to blog about as well.
Gary Sara