This site is “Not a wild eyed apocalyptic-end of the world site”. Let other sites do that. I like to talk and blog about “all types” of “Survivalist” subjects from A to Z. This site will have products on this site to sell. Most  are from that trusted company Amazon. You can also go straight to Amazon, but their main Amazon Site will also have a huge lot of “unrelated products” that has nothing to do with this “Survivalist” niche, like women’s cloths, handbags, men’s suites, business cloths, shoes, vacuum cleaners, tables, chairs & home appliances. I tried to limit that type products, as much as I could, to fit into my “Survivalist” niche, as Amazon would let me do so following their rules as a affiliate. This way in this site you don’t have do more site searching for what you want, by just typing in the description box, what you are looking for. Along with “survivalist” products, I also let other things listed that could be used  in the “Survivalism” subject, like electronics, GPS’s, tools, auto supplies, bicycles, etc. because they do (if circumstances exist at the time) fit into usage together with survivalist products.) I also left in products  that have “dual usage” like items  that can be used right now for day to day things but are also great in my “survivalist” products niche. So this site is designed to make it “easier” to find Amazon “Survivalist” products like tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, portable solar panels, fishing gear, generators etc. Just type in what you are looking for and  you will find it faster. I think you will like it. You will be surprised what Amazon let us list, plus Amazon is a name you can trust. I was also amazed at some of the rare, interesting or far-out “Survivalist” products, books & gadgets they carry. rechargeable stun guns, rechargeable flashlights that are also stun guns, everyday products like shaving cream, clocks or soup cans,that you can store valuables in them. Bow & Arrows, walking canes with a surprise in them, Tomahawks, water filtration systems, fishing nets, swords and all sorts of “Dual-Usage Tools that can be used right now. The products are even fun to look at. Gage stuff too that make great gifts. Just type in the Amazon Box in this site, up top in the sites store, what you are looking for, pay them & Amazon will ship it to your door. I am also looking for other “Survivalist” products, as this new site is growing. My favorite things are the “Dual Usage items, that can be use right now, not having to wait for a electrical black-out or a natural disaster.